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As we wind down 2020, I started thinking about blog post ideas.


Seems so appropriate for 2020 and years to follow. What a message to let resonate.

A new year usually brings the "time to declutter and get organized" rush. I am going to throw some organizing tips your way!

Bullet points, shall we ?....

** First of all, I am a FIRM believer that you can set goals any time of the year. Fitness, organizing anything that you want at anytime you want***

1.Sort through your pantry. Check expiration dates first and categorize your food. Use a shelf tier to help with cans and turntables for oils, spreads and condiments.

2. Keep a donation box for gentle used clothes that you no longer want or need. I keep this in my closet. If I try it on and i don't like it.. I place it in the basket. I encourage you to try this.

3. Use drawer dividers

This is a game changer. Drawers can be the pitfall for a disaster. Using simple expandable drawer dividers will change your dresser drawer game.

4. Decant your dry goods in your pantry. This is so helpful. Once you start, you will not every go back to storing in the original box. You can SEE what you have. Saves time and money. No more buying something you THINK you are out of.

5. Under the cabinet storage solutions..

I LOVE the multi purpose bin. Having an open top makes accessibility easier. Labeling is a must. Labels keeps the system maintainable for the entire family.


As for me and my new years goals..

As for my business- it is to blog for you more. I LOVE what I do and I want to share more of it with YOU. I want to share more of the "behind the scenes" of my business. I want to video more to share more tips and tricks. Expanding, growing and learning is top of the list.

Personal- fitness is my current lifestyle BUT I want to run more. Challenge myself to more cardio. Ya'll need to keep me in focused!

Thank you ALL for letting me share my passion for organizing with you. I love helping people transform their life. Organization is life changing! Less stress and more time for YOU....WIN WIN.

Are they days that I fill defeated? YES

Are they days I feel like I failed? YES

BUT I keep going, Keep pressing and Keep learning.

Are they days I feel successful? YES

Are they days I am on cloud 9 after a job? YES

CHEERS to a new year and CHEERS to organized spaces!

Let me know how your spaces turn out and of course If you need help with your spaces, Contact me for help!


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