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Stay ORGANIZED and DE-STRESSED for the holidays!

Ready or not... here comes the holidays! Don't let seasonal stress sprinkle in on your holiday FUN.

I am going to give you a few tips and tricks to help tame that holiday stress.

  1. Make a list and check it twice!

If you have home preparation to do for parties ..make a list of your to-do task. Do not be afraid to ask for help from family members with this.

From pantries to gift giving, a list can help you stay on task and on budget!

2. Clean out that pantry. Check expiration dates and toss out what is old. Stock up on your holiday baking/cooking pantry stables..

3. Create a gift wrap station- keep your wrapping supplies like gift wrap, bags, tape, scissors and ribbon in a portable organizer. A craft cart is perfect for this! It is portable, so moving from room to room is easy and can be stored out of site. You can also use a container that is easy to slide under your bed or stored in a hall closet. Just keep all your wrapping supplies together. Use a pencil box to store your pen and tape. Place your gift tags in a ziplock bag for containment. This prevents last minute scrabbling for all your items AND it keeps your house tidy. WIN WIN

4. Make room for the new..

The holidays are a perfect time to declutter and purge. Take 1 room a day and sort your belongings. Create 2 boxes.. donate and trash. Clean out and donate to make room for all the new. Trash the trash and donate the other. It doesn't have to be a HUGE overtaking. Even cleaning out 2-3 bags of belongings can make a big impact.

5. LAST.. Get ready for the FUN.

You have cleaned out that pantry, stocked up on your stables, wrapped all the gifts and conquered some decluttering now it is time to have fun and prep for the guest. Pick the most used room and focus there. Example, your kitchen or family room. Tidy up and check that space.

Is there a place for guest coats?

Make sure toilet paper is stocked and hand soap is full

For overnight guest.. Is sheets clean and blankets ready


Enjoy every moment and LOVE the life have!

❤ Tanya

Fresh Start Organizer

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